By then you’re probably thinking to yourself, “oh great here’s another complaining about how society is all the same.” 

It’s not like that though, it’s just about a particular individual who gets judges so harshly. 

Jeff Hardy, he’s my inspiration. 
People look at his mistakes, everything he’s done and think “what a screwup.” or “Jeff Hardy is a drug addict, why the hell would you respect him?” HOLD UP FOR A MOMENT, Jeff Hardy has been guilty for those things, but has since cleaned up. Maybe for good maybe not. But that’s not your place. He seemed to have cleaned up especially since he’s had his sweet little Ruby. 

You know if he wasn’t so famous, none of you judgmental hypocrites wouldn’t pay him the attention, but instead because of his fame you sit and you judge. He’s far more successful than you and a much better person for not caring what anyone says. But of course my little blog post isn’t going to stop anyone, but at least gives me room to speak my mind. I just hate how society can be sometimes. That’s all. If you’d like to defend yourself and “prove” how wrong I am, please do. Although it would be a waste because I know I’m not wrong. Jeff is an all around great guy. But go ahead, you’re only wasting YOUR TIME. 


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